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With parents, siblings and... whatever the hell else was out there visiting his students this weekend, Guy supposed he should actually use that office of his for something more than storing his stuff.

If anyone wanted to talk 'sensitivity' he was their guy. As long as they didn't get offended by stupid crap, that is.

Best. Teacher. Ever.

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After proving his, ah, superhuman capabilities to Bo, they retired from the bar to his place to test them out. In the bedroom, yes.

Which meant this was possibly the best night out that Guy had in... okay, way too long since he'd come back to Earth. Possibly even before that, but he sure as hell wasn't telling.

It was all fun and games until someone got hurt, though. Halfway into the good times, his ring blared in warning about something he wasn't really in the right frame of mind to pay attention to. That is until it glowed bright without even so much as his say so and his bedroom door was now missing. Along with his date.

"The fu--?"

[[For the date, of course]]
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Guy was on edge. And no, not just because he was used to the world nearly ending when things started to get weird, like with the dreams.

Okay, so it was because of that. But could you blame the man?

So, for know, he was going to stay indoors and let his ring keep an eye on things while he watched whatever the hell caught his attention. Infomercials at the moment.

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Sometimes it was hard work being on earth. Very hard work. So much so that Guy just had to fall asleep on the couch to ESPN talking about the odds certain teams making it to the World Series. Here's a hint... slim.

This meant more weird ass dreams about Ted of all people.

La la dream laaand )

Jerking awake, Guy rubbed his eyes and frowned. "What the hell?"

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Getting everything set up for class seemed to mostly mean watching the World Cup and trying to figure out why the hell this was more popular than real football. It was just a bunch of running around!

Nothing exciting going on there.

Nevertheless, that was how Guy was spending his afternoon before class.

[[For the TA to be, but open if you wan SP!]]
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The odds of his ring telling him about some Reach technology in the area was... well, constant with Reyes around. But when it started going nutso about two in the sector, then he had to get out of dodge and go find out what the hell was going on.

If only to get rid of this goddamn headache.

So, somewhere between Jupiter and Mars, he was looking around for where ever this thing could be hiding.

[[NFB due to distance! For the other DC fellow who would notice thiiiis off in spaaaaace. No, not you, Batman.]]
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There were a lot of things Guy was prepared to deal with in Fandom. Being a chick, alien invasions, alternate universes with bitchy teenage Supermen who wanted to destroy the world...

Actual luggage with things written on them didn't make it on that list, sadly.

So, he was spending most of the morning, trying to shove a trunk labeled 'ABUSIVE CHILDHOOD' out the window, cursing more than strictly necessary for the job. Then a feminine, pale blue suitcase appeared with 'FAILED TO SAVE TORA FROM HELL' written on it. Which he stared at for a very long time before trying to cover it up with a book. Maybe a few books.

He wasn't even gonna touch the bags labeled 'VALUE AS A GREEN LANTERN' or 'HAL JORDAN'.

Because they so weren't even called for. He'd totally gotten over that thing with Hal, damn it!

[[Open, sure!]]
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"Yeah, a school," Guy said, letting the ring take care of the transmitting to Kyle as he continued to pack up what he'd need right away.

Are you sure that's a good idea?

He could already picture the kid's skeptical look as he said that. Didn't even need a ring construct for it.

Rolling his eyes, Guy paused to decide if he wanted to bring a picture left over from the bar or not. It got shoved into one of the many bags after only a second. "Yeah, I'm pretty freakin' sure, Kyle. It's just over in Baltimore. Some island. Private school. Real hoity-toity stuff."

And this has nothing to do with Tora?

Guy frowned at some poor t-shirt that he never wore anymore. "Course not."


"I've got packin' to do," Guy informed him. "Doncha got things of your own?"

Kyle laughed before giving in. Yeah, I'll talk to you later then?

"Sure, whatever. I've got a picnic to get to," Guy replied, ever the polite one.


"Yeah, bye." This had nothing to do with Tora being on the same planet. Nothing at all. He was just... trying something new.


Apr. 2nd, 2010 06:17 pm
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Yeah, you've reached Guy Gardner. If I didn't answer the phone, I'm probably kicking some idiot's ass for tryin' to take over Earth.

Leave a message.

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